What participants in Developing Women’s Businesses have said about the program:

DWB has given me the confidence to join business networks & investigate opportunities to become involved in peak bodies. I have already joined an online business forum and am looking at the Business and Professional Women’s Group.”

“This course has allowed me to gain the confidence and self belief that ‘my business’ and I can be of great value to others”

“I now have a stronger belief in what I do, and in my value to be able to contribute to the region.”

“I didn’t really understand the value or process of networking before the workshop. Now I can confidently talk to others in business, gain knowledge and insights from their experiences and link to existing services and business that can help me.”

“I believe I already have strong networks but these networks have been greatly enhanced during this program”

“Being involved in these workshops has been an amazing experience to network with other local women. As a result, I don’t feel as isolated and a lone ranger.”

“Everyone who wants to should be able to do this workshop – even men and young people – just imagine the get-up-and-go attitude in the North East then.”

What participants in Inspiring Farming Women have said about the program:

“I have come to the realisation that I do have a lot to offer and that being a farmer does involve self-improvement and self-assessment.  I have become more aware of the value of my role within the business.  I am an important cog in the whole machine.”

“I can’t explain to you just how much I really got out of the whole course. Prior to the course I think I felt like a bit of a fake saying that I was a farmer, but have now decided that is exactly what I am, and what I am happy to be. I don't want to sound flippant or flowery. I just wish to say thank you for the opportunity and hope that maybe in the future I can inspire a few fellow farmers myself.”

“Through this course, I have challenged myself to increase my level of involvement in our farm business. To make more decisions and take on an increased level of responsibility that goes with that.”

"I have learnt that I already have many skills and have gained confidence to facilitate change in my family, business and community.”

“I think confidence is the biggest thing to come out of this course for me. Confidence in my ability, knowledge and self.”

“I think I have more confidence in my own thoughts. I honestly feel less afraid of offending people when making choices to improve my own life. I feel more in control”

“Through this workshop I have learnt that I know a lot about the business and am a valuable and effective team member. I have  developed my leadership in the fertiliser part of our business and know I can now take over the sales for this”

“I have discovered that I have a lot to offer the business, I am started to go to field days instead of my husband and bringing home the information to discuss. All of a sudden I feel like a more vibrant part of the business with a greater understanding.”

It was fascinating to hear about everyday lives, aspirations and concrete plans of other farming women.  The secure setting of the course made me feel comfortable to both ask other women about their experiences in their businesses and to shear my own experience

“The workshop has given me the confidence to network, how to do it and how important it is in developing business relationships”

Participant feedback from coaching and mentoring
I really do appreciate the time I spent with Kristy, and would encourage others to do the same. It is always a good idea to speak to someone who can look at your situation from an un-biased point of view, as they can often see opportunities that you can't.

I found Kristy to be very intuitive and really understanding of my situation. This helped to make things clearer for me, and for me to determine the areas I needed to focus on going forward in order to improve my situation.

Kristy has the ability to hold up a mirror to my thought processes and ask salient questions that I then need to answer.

Coaching allowed me to focus on what practices would improve my business.

The mentoring sessions from the program made me actually do a proper budget for my business, something I'd been thinking about for awhile and knew I had to do.

The coaching process gave me the ability to review current priorities and work through challenges

Mentoring with Kristy got me to plan for an outcome with a deadline and how to achieve it.

Coaching for me allowed me to think about the possibilities for my business and life and put some plans in place

Coaching allowed me new ways of looking at the issue as well as challenging and extending my analysis

Mentoring helped me to recognise then encourage me to explore assumptions. I then was able to get data to support the belief.

The most valuable part of the coaching experience was being able to create a weekly time plan to help me manage all the aspects of my very busy life as a mother and business owner.

As a result of the mentoring I was able to produce a deeper and more complete vision for my business.

Mentoring was valuable in reminding us of what we are doing when life gets in the way and refocus on what is important.

I now don't worry so much about the difficult/rude people I encounter in my every day work life, and focus on dealing with the positive, supportive people.

Kristy's background in the sheepmeat industry particularly the government/research perspective gives us an opportunity to round out our knowledge of the same industry ... we're breeders & producers trying to learn more about the entire industry.

Anyone starting out in a new business and is uncertain of the right direction should do this. I did this as I was uncertain of my next pathway, it helped to challenge my pretty set ideas on things but also confirmed that in this challenging environment I still felt confident to move forward

Kristy is skilled in facilitating new ways of considering situations/issues, is creative and thorough in collecting initial information

Kristy is positive and takes you seriously; she is across her area of expertise.

Testimonials from clients who have used Health and Fitness Motivational Coaching
“A safe and friendly approach to changing your thinking and committing to what is important.  I am now going to bed earlier and exercising regularly”

“I am more motivated towards achieving my health and fitness goals.  I now know what fears were holding me back and can work around them.”